IPFire 2.13 - Core Update 75 released

by Michael Tremer, January 12, 2014

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So it is a new year and here is the first update of 2014: IPFire 2.13 Core Update 75. It comes with urgent bug fixes that solve problems introduced in the previous update.

OpenVPN TLS certificate validation

Due to a change in OpenVPN 2.3, the common name of the certificate of the user that was connection was formatted in an other way than before. This led to that the certificate could not be properly validated because it was searched for one with a different name.

This update ships a fixed version of the verify script that can work with both formats of the common name.

OpenVPN connection configuration

Because of a related cause, the route configuration was not pushed to some clients when they connected. This issue that is filed under bug id #10323 and has been addressed in this update.

Pakfire locking up

When pakfire receives an empty mirror list, the process stalls while it is checking for a working mirror server. A fix for this problem has been introduced that will download packages from the main server, when none of the mirror servers is available.

We recommend that everyone updates to this version of IPFire as soon as possible and would like to encourage everyone who downloads and uses IPFire to get involved in any way they can. Please consider donating or joining the project community!