IPFire 2.27 - Core Update 180

Released October 12

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Release Notes

It is time for another update for your most favourite firewall: IPFire 2.27 - Core Update 180 is out - coming with an updated toolchain, a large number of package updates, deprecation for ReiserFS as well as a number of bug and security fixes.

Toolchain Update

IPFire has been rebased on the latest version of the GNU toolchain comprising of glibc 2.38, GCC 13.2.0 & binutils 2.41. This allows us to keep IPFire modern, taking advantage of the latest advances in hardware support and acceleration, but most importantly use the latest hardening technologies available to us.

ReiserFS Deprecation

The Linux kernel maintainers have deprecated support for ReiserFS.

This filesystem has been available for installation in IPFire in the past, but we have removed the option to create new systems in Core Update 167. Therefore we do not expect many people to be using this on IPFire. If you do, you will see a warning on the web console that will warn you about using ReiserFS. Unfortunately, you will need to backup your system and perform a reinstall with a different filesystem, and finally restore the backup.

If you don't use see the warning, you ware using a different filesystem and no action is required.


  • cURL has been patched against a heap buffer overflow (CVE-2023-38545)
  • Package updates: bind 9.16.44, Boost 1.83.0, dhcpcd 10.0.2, freetype 2.13.2, gzip 1.3, hwdata, iana-etc 20230810, json-c 0.17, krb5 1.21.2, libedit 20230828-3.1, libgudev 238, libtiff 4.5.1, libnl-3 3.8.0, mpfr 4.2.1, OpenSSH 9.4p1, procps 4.0.4, sqlite 3.43.0, squid 6.3, tcl 8.6.13, tzdata 2023c, unbound 1.18.0, util-linux 2.39.2, wireless-regdb 2023-05-03, vnstat 2.11, wget 1.21.4, whois 5.5.18, zlib 1.3
  • Updated add-ons: bacula 11.0.6, clamav 1.2.0, foomatic 4.0.13, Git 2.42.0, mc 4.8.30, ncdu 1.18.1, samba 4.19.0, SDL 2.28.3, Tor, traceroute 2.1.2, transmission 4.0.4, xinetd, zabbix-agent 6.0.21
  • Jonatan Schlag cleaned up some no longer used functionality from the network scripts
  • wtmp files are now rotated monthly, keeping them for one year

Although this change log does not read very long, the update is a large step and moves IPFire forward to become an even better firewall. If you would like to support us, please donate!