IPFire 2.3 - Core 23

Released October 13, 2008
ipfire-2.3.i586-full.iso                           SHA1: ba96f1d4005c132340369e083a538283b29ea73d
ipfire-2.3-install-usb-hdd.i586.img.gz             SHA1: ddb6b7e1d606d32030efc065afb51b9ea680c1c7
ipfire-2.3-install-usb-fdd.i586.img.gz             SHA1: 9a23cf0d67e207b3fd26a55654857eef553eb224

Running IPFire in the Cloud?

IPFire is now available in the Amazon Cloud. Create flexible firewall rules and use our Intrusion Detection System to protect your servers in the Cloud. Connect to them securely using our VPN technologies.

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