IPFire 2.21 - Core Update 129

Released April 8, 2019 • Release Notes
  • ISO Image 256MB
    • SHA256: cb2e5204b4434d001f59a788266a0d361c66fdba1a6bd31f82d6b8ee57c60f2e
  • Flash Image 222MB
    • SHA256: c83b31c17c1f047f010407cca287e822a4ff6ad7bc43ca71d4be00bc90136793
  • Flash Image 216MB
    • SHA256: fcb992b1fcd24e60396ae9e821925e496b2261e32393067816b08e3e50517ae2

Running IPFire in the Cloud?

IPFire is now available in the Amazon Cloud. Create flexible firewall rules and use our Intrusion Detection System to protect your servers in the Cloud. Connect to them securely using our VPN technologies.

Go to Amazon Web Services

Secondary Architectures

i586 Legacy
  • ISO Image 251MB
    • SHA256: 2beb89adb841937c99a034568e9f045c9c2e36a2179c7de960274336e44d400f
  • Flash Image 220MB
    • SHA256: 296a9a653da13b0e495d0640109328e18b12e88b56ada403926550e4f1dc10aa