The MPFire is a combination of CGI and the commandline tools mpd/mpc. Hereby it is possible if alsa drivers available) to play Mp3 files over the web interface from the Lineout of the IPFire.

Why MPFire

The MediaPlayer for IPFire was build for all those who wanted to listen to their own music or a few radio- and music streams additionally.

What does MPFire

MPFire is actually able to play UTF-8 tagged Mp3 and M3U webstreams. All data which is accessible for root is playable for MPFire.

MPFire in Detail

Scan for files

The way MPFire operates, you first have to build up a title database, which means MPFire needs to scan the filesystem for MP3 files first and then tries to import the music into its database in order to convert the data in ID3-tags. During this procedure you can set up the start directory.

MPFire control

This is the control area, in addition, you can see the count of all titles in the database. From the left top to the right bottom there are the following functions available.

  • Stop - Here you can stop the actual playback (with a small delay).
  • Resume / Break - The actual playback will be stopped or continued.
  • Play (all) -- Plays with a Shuffle function all recognized titles from the database.
  • Play - Plays the last playlist.
  • Next - Goes to the next title (previously is unfortunately not possible).
  • Show (On/Off) - Turns the displays for single tracks on and off.
  • Shuffle - Switch the Shuffle on and off.
  • Repeat - Switch the repeat on and off.
  • quietly (red) - The volume will strongly be reduced.
  • quietly (white) - The volume will be reduced.
  • louder (white) - The volume will be increased.
  • louder (red) - The volume will strongly be increased.

MPFire quick playlist

Here you can choose between 2 multiselect menus, to play either all titles from one or more artists or play all titles from one or more albums. For a multi selection, as usual, you have to push and hold the STRG button. Then press the Play button under the select box.

In this section search for albums, titles or artists, MPFire will only list selected songs in the play list.

MPFire Songliste

See all available songs in the database here. Play the songs separately or add them to the current Playlist with+.

MPFire Playlist

See all the songs that actually can be played. You canadd or delete the content of the playlist. If you want to listen again to the playlist maybe the songs from the last evening) push the play button (below the play list) again.

MPFire Streaming

Here you can listen to some selected webstreams. If you find some more good webstreams, Linux compatible playlists please, dont hesitate to send us the addresses per e-mail. Thank You :-)