We are crowdfunding a new hosting infrastructure!

by Michael Tremer, November 6, 2015

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When I recently announced that we have some hosting issues. This was intended to be a public service announcement but instead I got a lot of emails from people who wanted to help us out. Unfortunately the problems were a bit bigger than expected and could not be solved very easily. Eventually we got to a very good solution that we are now working on and we need your help for!

In the past years we have collected funds for the running costs of our main server, but before that we have been struggling to get enough money to pay for that alone. In addition to that we have a few another machines in different datacenters that were sponsored by individuals over many years and that we can use. Right here lies the main problem: They all are in different datacenters which does not allow us to combine the power of all of them. Many applications are running on the main machine which is frankly not powerful enough to host this project at all.

So we are trying to move to a completely new solution.

We have been offered by an anonymous donor to get two used servers. Those will be the foundation of our new hosting infrastructure. These are powerful machines but almost empty as every responsible company does not hand our their harddrives (even not the erased ones). So it is our job to put something useful into them for which we need your help.

Over on our wishlist, I have opened a crowdfunding campaign for some hardware components that we will need to complete this server. We are hoping very much that you, the IPFire community, will support us. This is a very important improvement for us and will not only help us to speed up development as we can offer more resources to our developers.

Please visit our crowdfunding campaign on the IPFire Wishlist!