Part 1: Firewall Basics

by Alexander Marx, January 12, 2016

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Happy new year!

At last years IPFire Developer Summit in London, we talked about how to help people who are not familiar with firewalls – e.g. the home users. As it is very difficult to make tutorials and documentation for a wide range of user skills, one idea was to write advanced documentation to the Wiki and go on YouTube for the quick’n‘dirty solutions.

Well, i tried to pick some interesting topics and make small videos to help people to configure IPFire quickly.
I set up a YouTube channel where the videos can be viewed and commented. Please feel free to take a look and give feedback. If you find it useful, please leave a comment and give us more ideas of what you want to see in a short video tutorial. All videos are in German. The channel can be found here:

IPFire Video by Copymaster

Video 1: IPFire Firewall Basics