The IPFire Tor add-on - Testers wanted

by Michael Tremer, August 12, 2013

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Hey guys,

thanks again to all the people who donated to implement Tor as an IPFire add-on. I am still very impressed how fast the goal was hit and I am very happy that the IPFire project has got such a great community.

So here is what you asked for: The IPFire Tor add-on.

Many people have asked if there is a beta version available, but we didn’t feel confident enough to push it out, yet. Now, the developers have tested the add-on a bit and since we implemented all the features, everything looks very stable and we didn’t want to hide that from you.

We have implemented all the features which are operating the Tor add-on as a client for the Tor network and we added an easy GUI for running a Tor relay. There has also been documentation written.

What we want you to do now, if you would like to help testing:

  1. Install IPFire 2.13 – Core Update 72, which is needed to run Tor.
  2. Install the Tor add-on: pakfire install tor
  3. Go to the IPFire Web User Interface. You will find Tor in the IPFire tab.
  4. Play around :)
  5. Report any bugs or problems you might find. We are also happy to hear positive feedback.
  6. Complete the documentation if you find that something is missing.

Happy testing!