The IPFire ARM build cluster

by Michael Tremer, August 2, 2013

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I have already talked a lot about the “design” of the IPFire ARM build cluster on this blog. Design is a bit of an overstatement, because there is not that much to it. It’s just a pile of ARM boards, that are crunching numbers – all day long.

But the ARM cluster got a little update, a few weeks ago, when I went to the DIY and bought a proper piece of wood, some paint and some other utensils. The result can be seen belooooww…

Three Pandaboards, two ODROID-X boards, a small 10/100 switch, a power supply mounted on a board and the “watchdog” on top of it. With this setup, all the boards get proper cooling and are fixed, which results in a much more stable build setup.