Public Service Announcement: We now accept donations in various currencies

by Michael Tremer, March 31, 2015

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Upon request by dnl and some other people, we do now accept donations in currencies other than Euro. This will make it easier for the people from countries with those currencies to donate the correct amount without converting your currency to Euros in advance.

I would also like to suggest to consider setting up a recurring donation. In that way you can support the project every month with a donation which will help to keep the project solidly funded and help us to keep up our development efforts. Either if that is the prompt security updates or introducing new features, recurring donations are the foundation that keeps this project running. PayPal allows you to set up those recurring donations in some countries (unfortunately not in the European Union and possibly other countries) but you can set up a standing order at your bank as well and donate using bank transfer.

Thanks to the people who sent in their ideas which help us very much to fund and run the IPFire project. Get in touch if you have some more ideas.

Please do not forget to have a look at our updated donation page.