Opening the IPFire Jabber server

by Michael Tremer, July 5, 2014

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The IPFire project is operating a XMPP server that is used for communication between people involved into the project and also serves as a message relay for monitoring alerts, hosts some multi user chats and various other things. As the Jabber network is designed to be as much distributed as possible and because of the reason that this server is capable of serving many more users, we decided to open it for everybody who wants to use it.

Some rules apply:

  1. It’s a no warranty and free service. If it breaks, it breaks.
  2. Be fair. Don’t abuse the service in any way. Don’t use the service for any illegal or otherwise questionable purposes.

We regard this as a simple, free and friendly service that respects your privacy. We use ejabberd and also implemented some security features like DANE and DNSSEC. Using TLS is required for both client-to-server and server-to-server connections.

How to get an account?

Please use a client to create a new account on the server. The domain name is and you can chose your user name freely. We don’t provide a web interface for registrations right now.

If you are using Pidgin, you may create a new account by clicking on “Accounts” -> “Manage Accounts” -> “Add…”. Pick “XMPP” for the protocol, pick a username, the domain is “” and pick a password. Check the box at the bottom which says “Create this new account on the server” and then hit “Add”. Wait for the message that says that the account has been created. This process is similar with other clients.

Then enjoy using Jabber :)

Update (11 April 2017): Since there is not a large number of users on the server and most accounts have been abused, we decided to close registration. Existing users can continue using the service as usual.