New Website, New Blog

by Michael Tremer, November 2, 2018

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Welcome to the new look of the IPFire website. The new look of the IPFire project!

Our website has not only received a new design. We have also streamlined the experience and made it more informative and easier to navigate, too.


We now have a blog!

This is not really news since we have had our IPFire Planet before, but there was also a second place on our website where we had the news about Core Updates and other major news. Those are now both combined in this blog. Just one place to go to for everything about IPFire. We now even highlight external news here!

Make sure that you are subscribed to our RSS feed to not miss anything. There is also a new subscription box at the bottom to get big news directly into your inbox!


Our front page is welcoming new users and members of our community alike, giving great information about what IPFire is, where to download it within seconds and what is new.

We are not basing our website on a common CMS like Wordpress or Drupal. This is because of a couple of requirements that we have. That is not only our special services like fireinfo, but we also believe that we should protect our user's privacy a little bit more than the average website.

So this page does not use any cookies or other ways to track our users. We do not store any access logs and deliver all needed resources locally from our web servers. This is something that is very important to us and our users.

We are running a farm of web servers that is powered by Apache and HAProxy that is configured to use only latest cryptography which does not only make it secure. It also makes it blazing fast. The web app itself is written in Python and using Tornado.


I would like to thank all people who have contributed to this. It has been a long process and required a lot of sweat. But I think all of that has paid off and we have achieved something we are all very proud of. I would like to thank Maurice for the initial design and getting this project to go. Sven for implementing that design and finally my dear friend Hans who helped me over the finish line. I couldn't have done it without you!