New proxy wiki is online

by Erik Kapfer, June 14, 2012

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We have tried in the last days to develop some new structures for the wiki design, where we can put a lot of more information in, but to have also a clear overview of all the different documentation sections.
Squid the proxy on IPFire are a good example how important it can be to find a outline which makes it possible to explain every configuration point and section of the WUI, because Squids configuration on IPFire is quite comprehensive.
As time went on the extensions area and additional know-how becomes also bigger cause the additional information pool is equal to the growing community and the resultant experience.

So the goal was and is to bring some good documentation up where links should lead the users also to further informations of other sites especially to the originated software developer, to find additional place for growing know-how extracted by the users from the forum and to explain as much as necessary to belong to a better user transparency for the usage of IPFire.

We hope that we can come closer to this intend which means that there is a lot of work to do cause IPFires wiki is quite extensive. It might be great if the documentation group becomes more helping hands/minds also from different countries to realize this.

For further information how to join this project, the following addresses are useful:
and of course

So in the name of the documentation group i would like to say thanks a lot to all the helping people and i´am proud to present the new proxy wiki,

in english:

And german:

So not all is finished yet and i think it never will but everyone is invited to bring own experience and know-how in it to make the documentation better.