Make IPFire better-known: Our new press mailing list

by Michael Tremer, November 14, 2017

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Since we have never really been to good to put news about this project into the press, we are now starting to implement a few things that we are becoming better at this. It is a pitty to me that we are having such a nice project here but too few people know about it.

It is nice to read stories talking about their problems that they have had for years and that end with “until I found out about IPFire”, but why didn’t they find out about it earlier?

We have a new mailing list now for the press now which is for journalists, editors and writers where we will pre-announce things that are going on. For example the release of a new major version of IPFire or just the next Core Update. There is no need to subscribe for our regular users since you won’t miss out on anything as long as you make sure to be subscribed on the announcement mailing list.

The press list is non-public (since we don’t want to ruin the surprise for everyone) but open to subscribe for everyone. Subscriptions need to be approved, so please make sure to use the email address for the newspaper/magazine/blog you are writing for. It is open to post for everyone in case there are any questions.

Please forward this message to everyone you think should be subscribed and please everyone help us to make our project better-known.