LCDProc: New tool for LCD displays

by Michael Tremer, August 3, 2012

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Julian McConnell, one of the IPFire Community developers from the United States, has been working on replacing LCD4Linux. This is a short story about what you can expect:

LCD4Linux is an old tool to display useful information on LCD displays. Those displays are often connected via USB or by a serial link. However, LCD4Linux is lacking support for some newer displays. Also the development of the project got a little bit stuck.

There is a fork called LCDProc which offers lots more features! The short video below says more than a thousand words. In short: There is very much useful information you can see here. There are CPU and memory statistics. It shows how much bandwidth is used on the WAN and LAN interfaces and the system’s uptime.

Stay tuned for the release of this fancy add-on!