Launching IPFire on Exoscale

by Michael Tremer, November 9, 2020

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Today, we are launching IPFire on Exoscale, the GDPR-compatible European Cloud Provider based in Switzerland.


For the two years that IPFire is available on Amazon EC2, we have often received feedback from various customers about their data privacy concerns. GDPR and the generally higher data protection regulation in Europe is making it difficult for many people to find the right cloud provider that complies with those laws.

We are proud to offer an option for those customers.

With data centers in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Bulgaria, Exoscale is promising that your data won’t “travel halfway around the world”. Privacy has been built into the cloud from the first moment.

With competitive pricing and a user interface that is very easy to use, they are a brilliant alternative to the big, well-known cloud providers.

IPFire in the Cloud, just like you are used to it

IPFire in the cloud enables your business to grow above and beyond. It is the same firewall appliance that you know from your on-premise data center, just in the cloud - and therefore more versatile and flexible.

You can host your infrastructure of web servers, mail servers, and have it protected by a powerful firewall while accessing them easily through a secure VPN connection.

Your cloud infrastructure will grow with you to whatever size you need it to. Whether your website is becoming more popular, or your company is opening more branch offices that need to be securely connected to your central servers. Just upgrade your cloud instance and you have added more CPU power and memory to handle whatever challenges you face.

From a small prototype environment to a 10 Gigabit router. IPFire grows with you.

See some more examples on the detailed product page.

Try out IPFire on Exoscale for free today.