JNC9C is running

by Christian Schmidt, February 5, 2011

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Got it running after some problems with my old power supply, so I´ve decided to go for a new picoPSU. System consumes 20-25W at the moment. I plugged in my Mtron 16GB SSD and 2GB 1333MHz DDR3. I needed to update the bios to get speedstep running, but now all 4 threads are running at 1GHz. You can see some details from fireinfo profile


This system could even be a very good and powersaving linux surfing client :D
The new Access Point should arrive in the next days and then it´s time to say goodbye alix.

Further steps will be buying a new SSD with 160-256GB for my Dell and plug the 500GB disk with a remaining one into the JNC9C and go for a raid1.