IPFire on AWS: Update to IPFire 2.21 - Core Update 126

by Michael Tremer, January 10, 2019

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Today, we have updated IPFire on AWS to IPFire 2.21 - Core Update 126 - the latest official release of IPFire.

This update brings you of course all the features that come with this new version and helps you to avoid updating a newly installed system.

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Every image that we provide has to be tested and approved by Amazon which is a long and manual process. Since IPFire has a great update mechanism, it is not necessary to do this for every single release since all installations can be updated as usual.

But from time to time, we are going to release a new image so that fewer updates have to be installed. The original release was based on IPFire 2.21 - Core Update 124 and in version 126 a new kernel has been shipped which makes this update a little bit larger than usual.

This way, any new instance of IPFire in the cloud is available to use a little bit quicker allowing you more time to spend on how to secure up the rest of your infrastructure.

For all customers that are already running on the latest image, there is nothing to do here but to make sure that you have all updates installed on your instance so that everything is up to date and secure.