IPFire Developer Summit 2015: Announcing our sponsors

by Michael Tremer, October 5, 2015

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Only a few days left for the big event: This year’s IPFire Developer Summit!

Over the weekend, the IPFire team will be coming together, hold some talks and have lots of discussions about what we did good already, what we can do better and what else the future will bring. We have many things on our lists. Some topics are rather pleasant to talk about, but there are also many problems that we need to get solved – the sooner the better. To tackle all of that meeting all together at one place is essential and will hopefully not only bring great solutions and ideas; it is also nice to get to know the people you are working together with a bit better.

Thanks to our sponsors

In this post I would like to thank our sponsors who make all this possible by helping us covering travelling costs or providing us with a superb conference location.

Thanks to Mozilla for letting us use their Mozilla Space in London