IPFire 2.11 - Core Update 56 released

by Michael Tremer, February 2, 2012

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Today, we are releasing Core Update 56 for IPFire 2.11. It is a minor bugfix and security update.

The most exciting new feature can be found in the preinstalled images, that automatically scale up the partitions at the first boot. If you use a 8GB SD card, you install the 2GB image and it will grow the partition sizes to use all space that is available on that SD card.

Note: The minimum required size of flash media has changed from 1GB to 2GB. This is because the / partition was too small for installing bigger addons.

Security updates

An update of openssl to version 0.9.8t fixes a security flaw (CVE-2012-0050, upstream information) that could be exploited in a denial of service attack.

Package updates

usb-modeswitch: Update to 1.2.2 and database version 20120120. Handles now more UMTS and LTE hardware.

Bug fixes

  • Fix baud rate on flash images. Is now 115200 for bootloader and kernel.
  • #10007 Reload static routes after connecting to the internet.
  • #10006 Allow “:” character in configuration settings (needed for WEB.DE DSL connections).
  • Fix changing passwords of proxy users.
  • Fix block device detection for graphs and other scripts (no more floppy devices).
  • Fix starting/stopping errors in the openvpn-control binary for net-to-net connections.

Note that during the update, the web server and SSH server will be restarted and you will get disconnected while the update is performed.

If you like, you may express your appreciation for these updates by making a donation which will be used to found the ARM development and server costs.

Thanks to all who have contributed to this core update. The full changelog can be reviewed at gitweb.