IPFire 2.27 - Core Update 182 is available for testing

by Michael Tremer, December 5

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The last Core Update of the year, IPFire 2.27 - Core Update 182, is available for testing. Please help us to make it yet another successful release, so that we can all update and enjoy a quiet holiday time.

This update comes with a mix of new features and package updates. Please give it a good round of testing and report any problems back to the developers. If you would like to support us bringing you these updates and making IPFire the best firewall in the world, please donate.

New Default Policy: Blocking Email Spammers

This release introduces a change in the default firewall policy for new installations: Blocking outgoing SMTP traffic from internal networks by default. We have recently seen that some installations have infected systems that send out large amounts of spam, resulting in unhappy consequences like having your firewall appear on blacklists and trouble logging into online banking.

We believe that this change that blocks any outgoing connections on port 25 (TCP) will stop this problem, as that port is only used for mailserver-to-mailserver communication. Client system will use Submission on port 578 or 465 instead and therefore this change should not cause any problems for almost all users, but block spam on the Internet. Existing installations won't see any changes.


  • GRUB, the boot loader is being updated in this release to version 2.12-rc1.
  • Updated packages: dhcpcd 10.0.4, elfutils 0.190, gawk 5.3.0, harfbuzz 8.2.2, hwdata PCI 2023.09.22/USB 2023.11.0.8, IANA 20231026,iproute2 6.6.0, libsodium 1.0.19, jq 1.7, linux-firmware 20231114, Lua 5.4.6, man 2.12.0, mcelog 196, mdns-repeater 1.11, meson 1.2.3, OpenSSH 9.5p1, QPDF 11.6.1, SDL2 2.18.5, shadow 4.14.2, SQLite 3.44.1, Squid 6.5, strongSwan 5.9.12, sudo 1.9.15p2, texinfo 7.1, unbound 1.19.0, usbutils 017, xfsprogs 6.5.0, XZ 5.4.5
  • The CA certificate bundle has been updated


  • Tor: A deprecated configuration directive that used to log a warning message has been updated.
  • Updated packages: ALSA 1.2.10, clamav 1.2.1, dbus 1.14.10, Git 2.42.1, Ghostscript 10.02.1, minicom 2.9, minidlna 1.3.3, mpd 0.23.14, nut 2.8.1, P11-Kit 0.25.2, Postfix 3.8.3, QEMU + Guest Agent 8.1.2, spectre-meltdown-checker 0.46, strace 6.6, Tor