IPFire 2.25 - Core Update 156 released

by Michael Tremer, May 7, 2021, Updated July 20, 2021

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Another update is available: IPFire 2.25 - Core Update 156. As usual for this time of the year, it is a spring clear release that updates lots of software and brings a new exciting feature: Live Graphs.

Before we talk about what is new, I would like to ask you for your support for our project. IPFire is a small team of people from a range of backgrounds sharing one goal: make the Internet a safer place for everyone. Like many of our open source friends, we’ve taken a hit this year and would like to ask for your continued support. Please follow the link below where your donation can help fund our continued development: https://www.ipfire.org/donate.

Live Graphs

Our beautiful graphs are now updating themselves. You can now leave your browser tab open and see bandwidth or CPU usage and everything else always being up to date:

Latency Graph


  • Networking: Interfaces in bridges are now numbered and renamed to mark to which bridge they belong
  • Support for macvtap has been dropped - Please use bridges instead
  • Alexander Marx has fixed a bug where copied firewall rules showed an incorrect source port (#12479)
  • The kernel's BPF JIT hardening has been enabled
  • Instructions helping users to restore their backup correctly have been added
  • Thomas Cekal has contributed a fix for IPFire getting stuck at boot on Hyper-V
  • All alternative themes for the web user interface have been dropped
  • Adolf Belka and Matthias Fischer have updated loads of packages of the core system: acl 2.3.1, attr 2.5.1, bind 9.11.28, bison 3.7.6, bzip2 1.0.8, cmake 3.20, crda 4.14, diffutils 3.7, ed 1.17, gawk 5.1.0, gettext 0.21, gmp 6.2.1, gperf 3.1, grep 3.6, jQuery 3.6.0, libcap 2.49, libloc 0.9.6, libmpc 1.2.1, libnfsidmap 0.27, libpcap 1.10.0, libstatgrab 0.92, libtirpc 1.3.1, mcelog 175, nettle 3.7.2, openssl 1.1.1k, parted 3.4, Perl 5.32.1, perl-Carp-Clan 6.08, perl-Date-Calc 6.4, perl-Date-Manip 6.85, perl-File-Tail 1.3, perl-MIME-Base64 3.16, perl-Net-DNS 1.30, perl-Net-SMTP-SSL 1.04, pigz 2.6, poppler 0.89.0, rust 1.51, strace 5.11, strongswan 5.9.2, sudo 1.9.6p1, swig 4.0.2, sysbench 1.0.20 (no longer available on armv5tel), sysvinit 2.99, zstd 1.4.9


  • Updated packages: clamav 0.103.2, git 2.31.0, monit 5.28.0, mpc 0.33, nfs 2.5.3, libmpdclient 2.19, rpcbind 1.2.5, samba 4.13.7, speedtest-cli 2.1.3, swatch 3.2.4, tcpdump 4.99.0, Tor