IPFire 2.19 - Core Update 118 is almost there

by Michael Tremer, February 6, 2018

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Hello Community,

the next Core Update 118 is almost there. We have no major new bugs left any more and it is good to go. But before our release engineering team pulls the trigger and is releasing this for everyone of you, we would like to make you aware again that a number of add-on packages has been discontinued and will automatically be uninstalled when Core Update 118 is installed. Those are:

  • nagios & nagiosql, because we have Icinga, which is a fork of the famous monitoring tool
  • mediatomb & openmailadmin which are both not maintained upstream any more
  • cacti, phpsane & owncloud which require PHP which has also been dropped in this release

PHP is being removed for security reasons and for more and more of the software that we ship becoming independent from it. If you have installed any custom applications that use PHP, please move them to another machine.

We are sending you this deprecation announcement to give you some extra time to prepare for the upcoming changes in case you have missed them from the pre-announcement of this Core Update.