IPFire 2.19 - Core Update 113 is available for testing

by Michael Tremer, August 24, 2017

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Hello Community!

Core Update 113 is finally ready for testing. The changelog is rather short, but comes with a big new feature:

Who Is Online?

Who Is Online? (or WIO in short) has finally arrived on IPFire. It has been ported by the original author Stephan Feddersen and Alex Marx and is available as a usual add-on package called wio.

It is a builtin monitoring service for the local network showing what devices are connected, which ones are online and can also send alarms on various events. Give it a try!


  • The DNS root keys have been updated to make DNS work beyond October 2017 after the DNSSEC key rollover has been performed
  • Serial consoles now automatically detect the baudrate after the kernel has been booted
  • Package updates by Matthias Fischer: bind 9.11.2, gnutls 3.5.14, libgcrypt 1.8.0, logrotate 3.12.3, nano 2.8.6, pcre 8.41, squid 3.5.26, unbound 1.6.4


  • iftop has been updated to 1.0pre4 by Erik Kapfer
  • Matthias Fischer updated: hostapd 2.6, tor

As always, we would like to ask all users to participate in testing which will highly improve the quality of this update.

Please report any bugs to our bug tracker and provide any feedback on our development mailing list.