IPFire 2.19 - Core Update 102 released

by Michael Tremer, May 4, 2016

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This is the official release announcement for IPFire 2.19 – Core Update 102. This update contains various security fixes in the OpenSSL library. It is recommended to install this update as soon as possible.

OpenSSL Security Fixes

The OpenSSL team published fixes for several security issues yesterday:

  • Memory corruption in the ASN.1 encoder (CVE-2016-2108)
  • Padding oracle in AES-NI CBC MAC check (CVE-2016-2107)
  • EVP_EncodeUpdate overflow (CVE-2016-2105)
  • EVP_EncryptUpdate overflow (CVE-2016-2106)
  • ASN.1 BIO excessive memory allocation (CVE-2016-2109)
  • EBCDIC overread (CVE-2016-2176)

This Core Update brings you OpenSSL 1.0.2h which fixes all of these above. Additionally OpenSSH is updated to version 7.2p2 and will be restarted during the update.

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