IPFire 2.15 | Final spurt

by Michael Tremer, April 28, 2014

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Finally, we are aiming for the final spurt. We already got a lot of feedback from you guys, but we still need more. We have found a couple of very rare corner-case bugs, but nothing serious which makes us very happy. That means that we already made a good job so far and that we are not expecting anything troubling any more until release.

So, please, if you have a couple of minutes, that is all it takes, to check out the new version and to add your results on this wiki page, that will help us a lot. If you have already installed the release and played around with it a bit, it will just take you a couple of seconds to add your line.

According to fireinfo, more than 4% of all IPFire systems are already running on the new version. Sadly, that is not visible on the wiki, yet, but I am sure that this will change soon!