IPFire 2.13 - Core Update 74 in testing

by Michael Tremer, December 19, 2013

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Hello guys,

just before all the Christmas celebration begins, we would like to release an other update with smaller bugfixes and security fixes. Please help us testing.

Update to squid 3.3.11

The latest maintenance update of the Web Proxy package squid has been applied. The max. number of filedescriptors has again been increased to 1048576 and the issue that it was impossible for the squid daemon to set the desired configuration value has been fixes (#10445).

VPN service updates

The OpenVPN package has been updated to version 2.3.2.

strongswan, the package responsible for IPsec VPN connections, has been updated to version 5.1.1, which fixes various smaller bugs.

Increasing RSA key sizes

The HTTPS key and certificate that are used for communication of your Web Browser and the IPFire Web User Interface has been increased to 4096 bits. This follows the general advice by various authorities. New installations will automatically generate a bigger key. If you want to replace your key by a more secure one, please run rm -f /etc/httpd/server.key && httpscert new on the command line.

All these changes are just minor bug fixes and there is nothing too scary about them. Hence, we are going to release this Core Update before Christmas, and we appreciate it, if you could take the time and already update, so that we can be sure not to introduce any regressions that will make us a bit of work during the holidays.

In the upcoming year, we are going to focus on releasing IPFire 2.15, which comes with the advanced firewall GUI.

I would also like to point you once again to this.