IPFire 2.13 - Core Update 70 released

by Michael Tremer, July 9, 2013

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Today, the IPFire development team released the 70th Core Update for IPFire 2. This update comes with a new kernel and some minor enhancements.

Before we start with the changelog, we would like to encourage you to check out the advanced firewall GUI on the IPFire wishlist. We need your help to get this done!

Kernel Update

Another kernel update to Linux 3.2.48 fixes various smaller bugs.

In addition to that, we switched back to the official in-tree drivers for Realtek r81xx-based network adapters. The kernel modules e1000e and igb which control Intel ethernet adapters have been updated as well.

Wireless Database

IPFire brings some data for wireless networks which basically contains information about which frequencies may be used in which countries. This database has been updated and covers more places in the world.

OpenVPN Net-to-Net hides transfer networks

OpenVPN Net-to-Net connections use transfer networks which are needed to route the packets. To avoid creating more firewall rules, we now hide them (and ban that they are used) from all other networks. Additionally, the firewall’s IP addresses get translated, so that they never use addresses from the transfer nets.

You may need to adjust your firewall rules. The changes are explained in detail on our wiki.
This change is a step towards the new firewall. Please support this project.

Other changes

  • Use libjpeg-turbo instead of the legacy version libjpeg 6.
  • Ship squid error pages in Turkish.
  • VLAN: Allow red0 being a virtual device.
  • DDNS: Better compatibility with DS-lite connections (
  • igmpproxy has been patched with patches from Deutsche Telekom to improve compatibility with their networks.

mc (4.8.8), htop (1.0.2) and transmission (2.80) have been updated as well. New packages are: keepalived (1.2.7) and ipvsadm (1.26).

We recommend that everyone updates to this version of IPFire as soon as possible. Please reboot afterwards.

If you want to support the IPFire project, please head over to our IPFire wishlist to support us!