IPFire 2.13 - Core Update 69 released

by Michael Tremer, June 21, 2013

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Today, the IPFire development team released the 69th Core Update for IPFire 2. This update comes with a new kernel and some minor enhancements.

Before we start with the changelog, we would like to encourage you to check out the advanced firewall GUI on the IPFire wishlist. We need your help to get this done!

Kernel Update

The Linux kernel has been updated, to address several security issues and other bugs.
The kernel is based on Linux 3.2.46 and comes with a newer wireless stack from kernel 3.8.3.

Some wireless hardware has got better support in term of stability and we have added some more drivers for several networking hardware like USB ethernet adapters and so on. Please report any new hardware on the corresponding hardware compatibility lists.

New boot menu

The install disk has got a new bootloader, where you now can install other versions of IPFire as well. There are also some diagnostic tools and other installation options available.

For more details, please see this post on the IPFire planet.


Turkish Translation

A brand new translation of the IPFire installer and Web User Interface into the Turkish language has been added. Thanks for that to Ersan Yildirim.

openssh (6.2p2), strace (4.7) and tcpdump (4.4.0) have been updated as well.

We recommend that everyone updates to this version of IPFire as soon as possible. Please reboot afterwards.

If you want to support the IPFire project, please head over to our IPFire wishlist to support us!