IPFire 2.13 - Core Update 68 in testing

by Michael Tremer, May 15, 2013

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since the last weekend, the next Core Update with number 68 is to find in the testing tree. We already had a lot of positive feedback, but we still ask all of you who can to help us testing. The changes are as follows:

strongswan security update (version 5.0.4)

The strongswan team released version 5.0.4, which fixes an authentication bypass for certificates that use Elliptic Curves. As we don’t use them in IPFire by default, this is not a serious issue for us, but we still updated the strongswan package.

The update also contains some changes that should fix unstable IPsec connections, a minority of users was experiencing. Please help us testing, that we can verify this issue is resolved.

OpenVPN roadwarrior connections

Since Core Update 65, disabling OpenVPN roadwarrior connections had no effect, so that users could still connect. This has also been fixed with this release.

New status bar

The web user interface comes with a new status bar which now has a cleaner design and provides more information. Thanks to Jörn-Ingo Weigert for working on this.

Sortable connection tracking list

The connection list on the web user interface is now sortable in every possible way. Patches have been sent by Kay-Michael Köhler.

Misc. changes

  • Network modules have been added to the installer, so PXE installations work again.
  • Installation with certain USB keyboards is now possible, because kernel modules have been added to the installer.
  • The broken monospace font in graphs on the web interface has been fixed.
  • The kernel module for Intel’s MEI chipsets has been blacklisted, because the buggy modules causes some Supermicro hardware to fail shutting down or to freeze on booting up.

New packages

  • sysbench – A system benchmark tool for command line.
  • VDR update coming

If you want to take part in the testing community, read this guide. Please do not forget to report all bugs you may have found or to send us positive feedback if everything works fine.