Introducing the IPFire Prime Box by Fountain Networks

by Michael Tremer, March 2, 2015

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I am very proud to present you the Fountain Networks – IPFire Prime Box. This new appliance box is something I am personally very proud of and therefore would like to share my excitement with you.

We have a powerful Intel Atom N2600 processor, 2GB of memory, 16GB of SSD storage, two Gigabit Ethernet adapters and a wireless adapter with up to 300 MBit/s which can work on the 2.4 or 5 GHz band. It comes in the most tiny and cutest form factor you can imagine. It is small, performs incredibly well, does not make any sound and its case has a really cool design.

Usually I do not advertise commercial projects I am personally involved in on this blog but as so many people have put so much work into this one I just needed to tell you about this great work. The broader story behind this is that many people complained that there was no proper hardware available which perfectly fits for IPFire. There are so many things important for a stable and reliable router hardware. Most of these just need to be tested out. Of course nobody can buy everything that looks promising and so we sat down and did this job for you. Several people from the IPFire project have been involved in this project, made plans about the required features, and checkout out various combinations of hardware. After many exciting weeks of testing, we are now proudly able to present you the result of our hard work: The Fountain Networks – IPFire Prime Box.

It is primarily designed for consumers to replace the router that they get from their provider with a box that is running IPFire. During the development of the IPFire Prime Box, we quickly noticed that it is such a great allrounder which is also very great for small companies or home offices where the IPFire Eco Appliance is too large of a solution. It can also be used as a machine-to-machine communication interface and drive the Internet-of-Things. We regard it as a cornerstone and you decide in what application you will use this sweet box. I am sure that you can think of more than I can.

Everything you need is in this tiny box. It is almost ready go and comes to a more than reasonable price everybody is able to afford.

Who is Fountain Networks? The IPFire Prime Box is so awesome that we created an own label for it. Fountain Networks will be your go-to guy for small hardware appliances for IPFire. You can easily buy the box directly on We do world-wide shipping and sales are starting officially on March 2nd which is today!

So head over to our new website and have a look around. If you require the hardware specifications in full, please download the datasheet.