Infrastructure #2: IPv6 - Pushing the button

by Michael Tremer, December 31, 2013

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As a second update to our IPFire infrastrucure, we enabled IPv6 for most of our services.

We have already been playing around with IPv6 for a long time and enabled it for some services like sycing our mirror servers and our internal communication server a long time ago. Only a couple of days ago, we also enabled IPv6 for our web and mail services.

So, from now on, you can reach most of the IPFire infrastructure via IPv6 including the main project page, downloads, the wiki and many things more. There are some exceptions like the forum, where the software does not support IPv6, yet.

From our traffic statistics, we can see that there is almost nothing of IPv6 traffic going on, but we are hoping that this will increase very soon.

As our hoster (Hetzner) lacks to provide subnets of decent size that can be routed, we are using a service from Hurricane Electric called You should check them out and you should also have a look at their free IPv6 certification program.