Happy Holidays!

by Michael Tremer, December 23, 2015

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An other year has almost come to an end. A good occasion to look back over the last year…


A good year. We had a lot going on in this project. So many things indeed of which some have been big deals for us. But there has been one big deal following the next one so that it is hard to tell which one was the most impacting one.

Release statistics

We had the major release of IPFire 2.17 and 10 Core Updates. Many exciting features have found the way into IPFire. The GeoIP filter feature, we made IPsec faster for throughput up to 10G, we played around a bit with ARM64, a new dynamic DNS updater, many OpenSSL vulnerabilities and vulnerabilities in other software packages to fix, and many things more…

So we are well on track with maintaining IPFire 2 in the awesome state it is in. It is a great firewall/router OS that has been growing with us for a long time and hopefully will continue growing in 2016. We are also hoping to make big leaps in development of the upcoming major version.

Last but not least, the development team grew since many Community Developers joined us, and Alexander Marx was invited to join the Core Development team.

Community Events

We had the IPFire Developer Summit in October in London with the highest number of attendees so far. It was great meeting all the people who we have been working with in person and to see the others again that we have met before. A few videos will be coming soon.

Our community is growing, but we want it to grow even faster. So we made some stickers that you can order which should help you to get more people to know about IPFire. Yes, you read this right. You are a part of the community as well and we are sure that you out there all know people who should use IPFire as well. Go and get them started!


What a year this will be. I am very much looking forward to this. We do not have that many concrete plans, but we have many things that we want to do and many goals that we want to achieve.

Of course we cannot do this on our own. We need the help of our community. So before I go on too long about what ever was and will be, I would instead like to invite you to join the project, take part in, play an active role. There are so many things to do here. It is fun.

I hope to see you all around in 2016 and wish you a great holidays to maybe relax and refuel yourself for the new year. If you have some free time, we have a new release in testing. Just saying… :)