Good First Bugs

by Michael Tremer, October 28, 2015

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During the recent IPFire Developer Summit, we talked about encouraging more people to join the project – either as a developer or author for documentation or anything else. There are many things to do.

Starting with development can be quite difficult, but it is much easier if you start taking on easy things that are quickly to get into and solve. That is a good way to learn about the IPFire system or refresh your knowledge about programming languages you haven’t been using in a while or just started learning. That is why we are now tagging bugs that are trivial to solve and do not need too much background knowledge as Good First Bug.

Get involved!

If you are interested in getting involved and don’t already have an account on the IPFire Bugzilla, you should create one. Then have a look at the list of Good First Bugs and pick one that isn’t assigned to somebody else (i.e. assigned to nobody) and you would like to solve. Then start working on the bug.

Get in touch with others on the development mailing list if you have any questions or need help to find a good solution. Don’t be afraid.

These bugs might be simple, but they all together take a huge amount of time which the IPFire developers cannot always do. We need your help that IPFire will get as bug-free as we possibly can and becomes an even better firewall distribution.

More information about good first bugs can also be found on the IPFire wiki.