Genua about IPFire

by Michael Tremer, November 29, 2012

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Thomas Berthel from Genua has created a blog post about the IPFire project which you can read here (German):

The title translates to “Firewall IPFire: Security with OpenSource” and the article talks about how awesome and versatile an Open Source solution as IPFire can be.

He points out a lot of positive aspects of our firewall systems and concludes that IPFire is a successful project with a huge amount of potential regarding enhancements, supporting numerous of platforms and constant development activity.

Who is genua?

genua is a German specialist for IT security. The portfolio includes firewalls, remote maintenance and VPN systems as well as mobile security solutions, system management, and comprehensive services. Thomas Bertel from genua

The company builds security appliances for state agencies and is an expert in this area. They hold several certificates from German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) and more.