Easily installing IPFire on APU boards

by Michael Tremer, July 8, 2014

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Installing IPFire or other distributions on the APU boards by PCEngines is always a bit of a problem. The is no VGA output available and flashing the IPFire flash image on a mSATA SSD is not fun to do. An adapter from mSATA to eSATA is required and an eSATA port. All this had to be easier.

With Core Update 79 which has been released yesterday installing on devices with a serial console is now possible from the default installation media i.e. the ISO image. You can either burn it to CD or flash it on a USB stick and boot from that. Pick Serial console options -> Install IPFire (serial) in the boot menu and follow the instructions on the screen.


We also have our brilliant online boot service called boot.ipfire.org which has also been extended to support installation on systems with serial consoles. So that you can now have one USB key or TFTP boot server that boots them all!

It’s brilliant, isn’t it?