Donations Challenge

by Michael Tremer, November 18, 2018, Updated March 13, 2019

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The IPFire Project is entirely independent and funded by donations which is quite a tough thing to do these days. It is hard to get donations when you don't have a budget for advertising and encourage people to do more. Unfortunately, donations are at a record low.

That is why we are starting a new challenge: 150 new long-standing donations by the end of the year. That will set up the project for a great year 2019 - and the future is all we are about!

Update from Wednesday, Mar 13 2019: So far, we have 19 monthly recurring donations :( We had hoped for more to be able to do more. Please donate today!

Update from Wednesday, Dec 12 2018: So far we have 17 monthly donations! Thank you for everyone who donated. We got an amazing number of smaller one-time donations which is amazing, too, but please consider setting up a monthly donation if you can!

Every donation matters

We appreciate everyone who contributed to the project in the past and we made very good use of every single penny ever donated to the project. That does not only go for financial contributions, but also all other contributions in form of code and time. But a long-term donation is better because it is not only a single event. It is an investment into the project and a commitment to support it and continuous improvement!

It does not matter if you give little or a lot, but it would be appreciated if everyone gives something. Help us to reach out to others and ask them to donate, too. The more people, the better and the more this becomes a community effort!

Instead of asking for a certain sum, we are just asking for a number of new people supporting us regularly. To help us out more, of course donating more helps more, so please try to give as much as you can.

We have a long way ahead of us and need your help

Through our new website and collaboration with Lightning Wire Labs, we are accepting monthly donations and we recommend to everyone to set up one instead of a one-time donation.

We have also improved on payment methods: We support credit card, SEPA Direct Debit and SEPA Bank Transfer to make it fast and easy for use as well as protect your privacy. Also, they do not collect any high fees which ensures that a maximum of the money is going to the project instead of the payment provider. We no longer support PayPal.

Become a donor today

Head over to our new donation page and help us creating change now! Select "Monthly", choose how much you would like to give and complete the form. Thank you!