Core Update 41

by Jan Paul Tücking, November 8, 2010

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Today on the third birthday of IPFire 2 we are going to release Core 41. This core update has important security fixes at glibc and bzip2.

The core update implicates following changes:

  • Language
    • French: fix idle cpu was showed as used cpu time
    • Setup: add spanish language file
  • Webinterface
    • Fixed CGI outgoinggrp display bug
    • Fix bandwich usage display with IE8
    • Added example for black/whitelist on Proxy page
    • VPN pre-shared key field is now a password field
  • Hardware
    • Updated Realtek r8169 driver
    • Updated Realtek r8168 driver
    • Updated Realtek r8101 driver
  • Security
    • bzip2: 1.0.6 – Security Update
    • glibc: close privil. escalation hole ($origin libpath)
  • VPN
    • strongswan: enabled curl for http fetching revoking list
    • Added openvpn
  • Firewall
    • Fixed the feature for deactivating outgoingfw rules
  • Others
    • Dnsmasq: disable internal TFTP-Server
    • Fix typo /etc/init.d/ntp (booot)

The update is available via pakfire, thanks to all contributers.
You can find open bugs via Bugtracker.
View further information at the Git Repository.