Core Update 32

by Jan Paul Tücking, November 4, 2009

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Today we are going to release Core 32. It implicates following changes:

  • Update of openvpn to version 2.1rc20
  • Update of now it updates correctly accounts
  • Update of squid to version 2.7.STABLE7
  • Update of ntfs3g, maybe this fixes some mount problems
  • Update of hardware database
  • Update of realtek network drivers
  • Update of GeoIP database
  • Update of Net::SSLeay
  • Downgrade dnsmasq to version 2.45
  • Fix on logrotate the postrotate script of snort logs
  • Fix tmpfs backup cronjob entry
  • Fix dhcpclient for IPTV
  • Add vdsl-iptv mac address change
  • Add ‘all option’ to outgoing firewall
  • Add S.M.A.R.T. fail warning to index.cgi
  • Add a core-update notification to index.cgi when there will be available
  • Changed to detect virtio and ssb interfaces
  • Translated some german phrases on
  • Prepared PPTP over DHCP internet connection support