Core update 49 was released

by Arne Fitzenreiter, June 11, 2011

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Today we are going to release Core Update #49.

IPFire 2.9 Core 49 is a bugfix release and brings minor feature updates.

List of changes:

  • QoS: Replaced sip with rtp for voip.
  • apache: Tuning max spare servers to 10
  • add “charon” to ipsec-log section.
  • Fix ID information on IPSec configuration.
  • backup.cgi: Added Content-Length to show file status bar.
  • add cgi to display the md-state.
  • services.cgi: blacklist mdadm (no good idea to stop it)
  • extrahd: add mmcblk card reader and mdadm support.
  • extrahd: display also non-partitioned disks.
  • add initskript to wait until slower drives are present.
  • Changed openvpn CGI to create a CN without a blank…
  • Changed snort update string to match the more relevant…
  • Change squid init script to kill remaining clamav redir…
  • lm_sensors: Update to 3.3.0.
  • Fixed localhost webservers are directed to the proxy
  • Mail-tools: Update to 2.07.
  • MIME-Tools: Update to 5.502.
  • Updated ntfs-3g to latest stable.

We appreciate any contribution to this release. If you appreciate our work, please evaluate a donation: