Core update 45 was released

by Michael Tremer, February 1, 2011

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Today we are going to release core update 45 which is a bugfix release and we strongly recommend to install this as soon as possible.

List of changes

  • Update of fireinfo to version 2.0.4.
  • Update of squid to version 3.1.10 and fixed “proxy unable to handle max download size correctly”.
  • Update of snort to current stable and disabled snort decoder events.
  • Update of memtest86+ (4.20).
  • Disabled geode_aes kernel module.
  • Fixed unattended restore of backupiso cd.
  • Improved vpn-watch.
  • Removed core-updates from pakfire cache.
  • fcron: disable mails and fix some cronjobs.
  • Outgoing firewall rules now log with LOG prefix despite of the drop rules.
  • Remove some httpd/cron errorlog entries.

Additionally, there was a lot of cleanup work on the CGI pages of the webinterface and lots of tools.