IPFire Location

Discover the Internet, One Location at a Time

Threat Detection

By accurately identifying the geographical location of IP addresses, users can implement targeted security measures to mitigate risks associated with specific regions or countries.


Businesses can use geolocation data to tailor content and services based on the location of their users, enhancing user experience and engagement.

Access Control

The Location database enables users to enforce access controls based on geographic criteria, allowing them to restrict or grant access to resources based on location.

Network Optimization

Geolocation data can be used to optimize network performance by directing traffic through the most efficient routes based on geographic proximity.


Many regulatory requirements necessitate geolocation data for compliance purposes. The IPFire Location database helps users meet these requirements by providing accurate location information.

Open Source & Free Forever

IPFire Location is open source, ensuring transparency, flexibility, and community-driven development for users who value open and collaborative solutions.

Why Use IPFire Location?


IPFire Location aims to be the most accurate database on the market. By gathering data from many sources, we achieve highest accuracy.

A Multitude Of Information

Unlike other Geolocation databases, IPFire Location does not only hold country information. Instead we have:

  • Country Codes
  • Network Prefixes
  • AS Number & Names
  • Flags for
    • Anycast Networks
    • Satellite Networks
    • Anonymous Proxies
    • Hostile Networks
  • A full list of bogons


For some applications, performance is key. IPFire Location is designed to organise all data for the fastest lookups enabling applications that were not possible before.

Easy Integration

IPFire Location uses a proprietary database format that is read and written by our own software. A lightweight C library is the core of this application and there are bindings available for Python, Perl and Lua, too.

Secure And Instant Updates

The database is small to download and cryptographically signed which is a necessity to be deployed in security applications.

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