IPFire is a dedicated firewall which needs its own hardware to run on. On this page we will recommend some ready-to-go solutions especially designed for IPFire. Get one and get started with IPFire right away or take this as an inspiration for your own individual system.

IPFire Premium/Professional Appliance by Lightning Wire Labs

IPFire is ready for running in companies. It powers many of them all around the world. Thousands of people accessing the Internet at the same time is not a problem if the hardware is powerful enough. Just as important as performance is reliability. If the firewall system fails, the entire company is disconnected from the Internet which hugely impacts work. Industrial components and great quality in all parts of the appliance is the first step to avoid downtimes caused by hardware failure which are usually very expensive.

The IPFire Premium Appliance and IPFire Professional Appliance by Lightning Wire Labs integrate well in every infrastructure of any company. They are reliable and deliver the performance that is needed at all times.

Network Controllers
Four active Intel Networking Processors
System Specifications
Dual-Core Intel(R) Processor, 8GB memory
  • Powers networks up to thousands of users
  • Redundant storage (RAID-1)
  • 19" rack-mountable

Low-Latency Throughput

Networks in each company need to be fast and transfer data at a high speed. Equally important is the ability to transfer this data with a very small latency. Active network adapters will take care of the data transfer whilst the IPFire system is focussing on its job which is only letting packets through which are permitted to pass the firewall.

Content Filtering in Real-time

The built-in web proxy of IPFire filters content in real-time. It can block malicious or inappropriate web pages. If that should be happening user-friendly this must be fast so that it is not noticeable. A fast processor and lots of system memory speed up processing the huge blacklists with the forbidden web sites.

IPFire Eco Appliance by Lightning Wire Labs

For smaller companies, branch offices or start-ups: Where there are not so many people accessing the Internet but throughput is still important there are smaller alternatives which come with four powerful network controllers but a smaller processor and therefore smaller form-factor and less power consumption.

Processor Dual-Core Intel(R) Atom(TM) Processor
Network Controllers Four active Intel Networking Processors

The IPFire Eco Appliance by Lightning Wire Labs brings all the features
IPFire has to offer at a small form-factor and with great power-efficiency.

IPFire Duo Box by Fountain Networks

Processor Intel(R) Haswell(R) 2957U Dual-Core @ 1.4 GHz
Memory & Storage 2G system memory, 32GB SSD storage
Network Adapters Two Gigabit Ethernet Adapters
& one 802.11a/b/g/n Wireless Adapter
(LTE/3G modem optional)
Power Consumption 6-10 watts

IPFire runs on the smallest systems. Power consumption is important but you still want to use all the features? A system based on a small x86 processor with a decent amount of memory is enough to power IPFire in your home for the family or office. One Ethernet port for the Internet connection, one for the local network, and a third wireless controller which makes IPFire to be used as a wireless access point as well. In this configuration, IPFire will provide excellent network connectivity to everywhere in your house or apartment so that you can use all of its features from anywhere with your computer, laptop, tablet, or phone.

The IPFire Duo Box by Fountain Networks is a great system for starters who are searching for something small but still powerful.

You can find more example configurations, recommended hardware and information about individual components like the best network controllers and more in the hardware section on the IPFire wiki.