Provide Community Support

Join the wonderful IPFire Community and help other people getting started with IPFire. Take part in discussions all around the project on our channels, the IPFire Forums, and Mailing Lists.

Improve our Documentation

The IPFire Wiki is the source of documentation and answers all questions about IPFire. Found something that needs to be documented, improved, or rewritten? Sign up and get it done!

IPFire Wiki


IPFire is used in many countries all over the world. Translating the software helps us to make it usable for more and more people. Join our efforts and translate IPFire into a new language or improve already existing translations.


Maintain Packages

Become an expert for a subsystem of the IPFire distribution and help to keep features up to date and fix bugs. Maintaining packages is an essential part of the project and needed to provide the great level of stability and security that IPFire does today.

Report & Resolve Bugs

If you have come across a flaw in the IPFire distribution, please take a moment and report it to us. Of course we appreciate any solutions for already existing bug reports.

Provide Infrastructure

The IPFire project is hosted on a huge infrastructure and runs various services for the users. To keep access to IPFire download images as fast as possible and to keep our services running as reliable as possible, the IPFire Infrastructure team is operating this infrastructure and appreciates your support.

Host a mirror


Support by volunteers who engage in development or contribute themselves is is essential for this project. If you are not an expert in writing documentation, or technology but want to help out, you can support the work of the others by making a financial contribution which will help covering costs.