The development process of IPFire is open. This means that we discuss things openly, make decisions transparently and that everyone is welcome to join. The developers believe that this is the best way to run a software project as big as the IPFire project is.

The tools the IPFire team uses to create software, make discussions are the bugtracker, the mailing list and IRC channel:


The bug tracker is a tool which helps to keep track of issues that are currently going on in the development process. You can find the history of a bug and what has been done to fix it, as well as the integration process of new features.

Development Mailing List

The place for discussions around the development of IPFire is the IPFire development mailing list. Everyone is welcome to subscribe and take part in the conversation.


The IPFire developers use Git for source code management. Anyone may download the source code under terms of the accompanying, provided licenses.

IPFire Git repositories


Since January 2013, the IPFire source code and related projects are mirrored on GitHub. So it is easier to get your own working copy of the IPFire source and start hacking on it. Pull requests are welcome!

ipfire on GitHub

Building IPFire is actually very easy, but it does take some time.

Have a look at the guide on our wiki and work through it at your own pace, step by step.

Add-on development is encouraged. Have a look at the building an add-on guide on our wiki for more information.

How to submit patches?

The IPFire developers appreciate any and all contributions to the software. Patches that fix bugs, add enhancements, or create new features are welcome.

To track the integration into the distribution properly, we request that you create a new bug report in the bugtracker and attach the patch file, as well as everything else that is needed.

How to translate IPFire?

IPFire 2.x

Please read the translation guide to learn how to translate the web interface of IPFire 2.

IPFire 3.x

Head over to Transifex to see a list of our translation projects and feel free to join.